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Windows Phone 8.1 app for PBS 106.7 FM - 22 Sep 2014

Recently some of my time has been taken up with developing a new streaming media app targeted at Windows Phone 8.

C#, Windows Phone

Hamming Distance - 26 May 2014

The Hamming distance can be essentially thought of as the number of differences counted between two strings of equal length.


When is a Linked List not a Linked List? - 11 May 2014

Well, when is it? It sounds like a trick question, but the truth of the matter is there's no such trick to the question at all.


Proof by Mathematical Induction - 30 Apr 2014

Providing proof by Mathematical Induction allows us to prove that a recursive function will return the correct value for any value within its sequence.


The Distance Between Two Points - 13 Mar 2014

What can mathematics do for your programming? That's an interesting question to explore, even more so when answered with an example.

Algorithms, C#, Maths, SQL

Set Theory: Difference - 12 Mar 2014

In set theory, the difference operation determines which elements from one set do not appear in the elements of another given set.

C#, Maths, Python

Set Theory: Intersect - 03 Mar 2014

In set theory, the intersect operation determines which elements from a set intersect with elements from any given sets.

C#, Maths, Python

Set Theory: Union - 03 Mar 2014

In set theory, the union operation is a enumerative combinatorial function that combines distinct elements found in any of the given sets.

C#, Maths, Python

Factorials - 28 Feb 2014

The factorial of an integer is the product of all positive integers less than or equal to that number.

C#, Maths

Insertion Sort in Python - 27 Feb 2014

The insertion sort is a simple sorting algorithm that sorts an array (or list) one item at a time.

Algorithms, Python

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